1. To Inprove my Running I will do this by practice
  2. To practice catching a ball in different ways🎾
  3. To Practice throwing a basketball into the hoop🏀

My scores

Political party’s👍

Edith Cowan

Edith Dircksey Cowan was the first female politician. She was the second oldest in a family of five. Her father shot her stepmother.

I didn’t complete the project

Read out loud picture story book

The night they stormed eureka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the last 2 terms we have been readingThe night they stormed eureka. Over the terms we made a Character Map of the characters in the story. We also learned about the food, clothing, shelter and hygiene. I think I found the most interesting is how girls have to were clothing from there ankles to their wrists. Also how different the words are like there is no hey or hi, sup or hai. The story was set in 1850 when the eureka stockade happened.

Super Fast Solar Boats

For the past 5 weeks we have been working on solar boats ⛵️. When we were doing this we were told to take notes, photos and videos of us working on our boats. For the past week we have made a book creator on our boats. On Wednesday the 29th of March we did our race it took the whole day to race in 5 heat. In heat 1 and 2 we DNF (Did Not Finish).  In race 3 we came last then in race 4 we came FIRST 🥇. Each race was 1 minute long and each heat was 15 minutes long. As the day went on we had to fix our boat to chase the sun and to lose the wind. On race day it was windy, Really windy. With the wind going up against us, we swapped the way we where racing. Our boat Bonu$ was in the water for 38.6 seconds. In the end it was all for fun😋. Here is my book creator that I have been working on for the past week.

A Day In A Life Of Annie Gunn Kelly, 1880

On the 21st of June we Had A Town Meeting. image‘Oh Dear’ we had the most fun in years. I was not ‘Scared’ I’m a Kelly. We Walked in Three Different areas, 1,2 and 3. I was stuck in areas 3 and 2. In 2 and 3 I met some of my sisters and brothers.image

Show, Don’t Tell

Bang, It hit me, The Feel of pain runs up my finger. I look at my finger. Blood. Again a shiver runs up spine. She’s here. Behind me. Bang I fall to the ground. Blood fills my mouth I try to shut my eyes. I fail. I was too slow. She is controlling me. The smell of blood fills my room ‘it’s to late now’. The room becomes black… I pass out.


on the 18/4/16 I wrote the best piece of writing I have ever done 😋.

-Sienna 😄

Our amazing earth

This term we have been doing Our Amazing Earth, in here I have my wonderful wondering, mindful mind map, problem plan
Here we go!image







My narrative

In class we have been writing a story each this is my story

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